Cooped Up

by Eichin Schmeichin

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Nathan G. co-wrote "Bone Hook" and played the trombone
Daniel E. co-wrote "Elementary School" and played the violin


released January 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Eichin Schmeichin Glen Ellyn, Illinois

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Track Name: Bone Hook
The captain balloon of the lake
The dog without a fin
Just is a sin
A bonfire
Christian campgrounds
I feel so high
On life, it's true

Been hooked to my bones (dim, dry bones)
Seen the lighted show

I'm crossing a chalk sidewalk
to get to where we be
The pastel colours
Contrast the drab
Christian campgrounds
I feel so down on life
It's true
Track Name: Your Favorite Solstice Pattern
Straying further from the lake
Tracing your favorite solstice pattern
Turning back towards the lake
Wheel of season set
Systems are go
Wheel of season set
Sound the bells
as quiet snow descends
and melts
Track Name: Medulla
And she never has to think about
actions like these anymore
To laugh, to breathe, to sneeze,
to go to sleep
Actions like these, they come to her

Medulla, medulla, medulla
Medulla, medulla, medulla

And she's got her life under control
Now all brain functions are happy
She's going to go to college,
she's already got plans for her future
She's got a boyfriend
And Mr. Husband is an honest man
He always tells her, he always tells her

She's constantly pregnant forevermore

Medulla, medulla, medulla
Medulla, medulla, medulla
Track Name: Hold a Harp
Here you are in heaven
where the angels wear their halos
and you hold a harp

Here you are in heaven
where the angels wear their halos
and you hold a harp

Here you are in heaven
where the angels wear their halos
and you hold a harp
Track Name: Pagan Holiday
Stone cathedral
A worship service
to cast out evil
from all good churches

Gloomy moonbeam
rises to children's eyes
Witch's broomstick sky
as each tree leaf dies

Candle lightning
in night, though starry
So hold hands tightly
Attached to darling

Gloomy moonbeam
hangs over children's heads
Witch's broomstick sky
as each tree is dead

Wheat and barley
and tranquil pinewood
and autumn farthings
I put on my hood

My dear Jennie,
we bless the village children
to live in plenty
and see God will them

See God will them
The Devil may kill them
but Christ shall will them

Black cat crosses
path where the graveyard lies
Witch's broomstick sky
but we're still alive

It calls for a feast
at the tavern inn
Hibernating beast,
deliver us from our sin
Track Name: Town is a Garden
This is my home
Don't mess it up
Town is a garden I must tend to
I will cultivate

Why must they change
the old boathouse?
Taking my memories, tearing them down
They will renovate
Track Name: Walking With a Limp
My sweet girl, she's across the water
and everyone told me the same exact thing
They said I was the King of Gibberish

It's impossible to save this particular village
where everybody kills all the ghosts, get on your bike and coast


Crying worlds, inside each brain movement
and I blame the sadness for this big mess
Total disconnect and stress disorder

It's improbable to say they will rise above their fears
when everybody is walking with a limp, we feel like such wimps
Track Name: Equinoctial Point
Water flowing
to the place where I left my thoughts in
the breezy forest
by the spotted salamander
on the rock
He's got some grasp of the plot
Bee's nest, green grass, thank you God
Thanks a lot

Hem the vinyl
Thermostat is symbol of winter
Encroach and clutching
Handkerchiefs for the Indian chief from long ago
Ceremonial on a mow
Theatrical down the snow
Now you know