Nature Versus Nurture

by Eichin Schmeichin

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Instruments used: acoustic guitar, kalimba (also known as the African thumb piano), guiro, lap harp, pan pipes, singing saw, toy Barbie guitar, rain stick, classical guitar, marimba (or maybe it was a xylophone??), cello, violin, harmonica, spice container, microtonal (busted toy) ukelele, bugle, cabasa, coffee machine, little shakers, electric guitar, little bells, bigger bells, tubular bells, a strange, flute-like instrument shaped like a crocodile, Jew's harp (also known as the jaw harp), tambourine, chimes, melodica (also known as the pianica), wooden xylophone, a trusty ol' good ol' elementary school RECORDER, cooking pot, banjo, bongos, piccolo snare drum, jack-in-the-box, two different brands of analogue synthesizer, J.G.'s great-grandmother's miniature toy piano, a normal piano, and some other stuff. Computer synthesizers were also used to emulate the sound of instruments such as the bassoon, steel drums, clarinet, glockenspiel, oboe, and helicopter propellers.

Bagpipe players in a parade by my church were sampled. Additionally, so was my brother's high school orchestra, ambient nature sounds such as field recordings of insects, some Hanna Barbera sound effects, the Glenbard West High School orchestra (as well as their band and choir), and "Just What I Needed" by the Cars (rendered unrecognizable). Oh, and some other stuff. I should also mention that I did not play everything on here. My sister played the cello, my brother played the violin, and J.G. played some of the marimba, some of the tubular bells, all of the bowed guitar, and all of the singing saw. Additionally, the lyrics to "Greek Fire" rip off some of "Schizophrenia" by the Sonic Youth.

The album cover for this is something that J.G. found. It's a drawing of my old high school that was in an old 1950s yearbook.


released December 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Eichin Schmeichin Glen Ellyn, Illinois

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Track Name: Post August
The town has attached to my face
It became a state of consciousness

The houses have all latched on to my face
No longer just a place, the town is
now a state of consciousness

Friends have turned into text messages
Life here isn't depressing; it's just weird
I spent my kindergarten
assuming by now I'd have hardened

But I don't get disheartened
though I know I'm still where I started

I will lift up my arms, part the Red Sea
and then sit down,
eat yogurt
and chat with my mother
Track Name: Collegian Kiddos
The school scattered like seeds in the wind
into the fields of this continent

Some young people
wanted to be needles
and get laid back
in some far off farm's haystack

The once-local band
made solo tracks
Preppies got drunk
with red solo cups

Somebody threw up
Somebody else gave up
Somebody blew up
Everybody grew up

Everybody scattered
except for a few stragglers
They chopped down the old weeping willow
but it doesn't matter

Shake the hands, create your network
That's how grown-up friends work
Once upon a time, some of
the gang found their locations reborn
Packed up some clothes,
drove off to dorms
Track Name: EXO 6 DESMO
If I was only a place in a time span,
I'd be on my way
Hey, hey
Oh yeah, I gotta heh bah dah heh ehe
Track Name: Shake the Hands
Being one of the previously mentioned
stragglers who did not scatter,
I know these roads like the back of my hand
and I know how it all began

But it's not that interesting
Now I'm calming down and saving money
(Save big money at Menards)

I go to a Cubs game with my father
Watch Scooby-Doo with my mother
Watch the debates with my father
Drive to church youth group with my brother
Play Clue and Guess Who with my sister

And I know these roads like the back of my hand
Track Name: Cow, Mackerel, Smokes, Canoli, Guacomole, Crap
From the clouds on the mountain
I found out
Everyone's the same idea

I'll try not to resent the lashing out
I'll try not to resort to lashing out

I'll try not to resent the lashing out
I'll try not to resort to lashing out

I'll try not to resent the lashing out
I'll try not to resort to lashing out

I'll try not to resent the lashing out
I'll try not to resort to lashing out
Track Name: Right Outside by the Wires
My dad once told me a really funny
joke about Nashville
A joke about Nashville

They really like music down there
and they have a big building

When he got to the punchline
I laughed and laughed

Oh Dad, I'm glad
you'd say my stuff is not so bad
Still I'm so wary around dreams

And there's no scene
that I could even begin to fit into

It's fun to inject
a hobby with ambition

Yet I tend to think this song is
never going to be ironic

Yes, I tend to think this song is
never going to be ironic
Track Name: His Tin Career is in
Steamboat, toot toot
Afloat, woot woot
Tugboat, Toby

Snow day

His tin career is in
His tin career is in
Track Name: Singing Lessons, Swimming Lessons
I need a filter for more than my speaking
I need a filter that can work on my thinking
I need a filter cuz I'm filthy and guilty
If I met a psychic, he would probably try to kill me

I thought that if I could just get in
to a place where I feel like I fit in
then maybe, it'd make me a better Christian

But then Jesus Christ, well, He says "Stop and listen.
You'll always feel weird cuz your true home isn't here.
Now count all of the times on your album that you said 'I'."
And of course, He's right

I guess most people go to Hell
I guess most people don't get well
How can I say such nightmarish things?
How can I embrace all the questions it brings?

Well, a little pain never hurt anyone
and a little death never killed anyone
It's only natural to give up your life
to things beyond comprehension
It's only natural to give up your mind
to thoughts beyond comprehension
It's only natural to lift up your eyes
to sights beyond comprehension
Track Name: Glen Ellyn
The town is attached to my face
but I always thought this place was great

After all, you've got the lake by the high school
that looks like a magical old castle
Track Name: The Bouncing Song
I might be a raincoat
draped across a gravestone

(You might be a violin)

It's not so bad, it's not so bad, it's not so bad, it's not so, etc
Track Name: Song About Story From Anonymous
We promised to keep it
the deepest of secrets
To never release it
To never once leak it

That night in the cabin,
he told us what happened
and it was much stranger
than we'd have imagined

He used no metaphors
when speaking of demons
His church camp adventures
The ghost he had seen in
the air
Seen in the air

Finding new language
Fed several juices
Going unconscious
Waking with bruises
Track Name: Angel Hovering Near Your Neck
Goodness will insist
you memorize that list
of all the human beings
whose holy holy feelings
you hurt
You're dirt
You're dirty

Guilt is all you have
to prove your soul is still intact
Your conscience is an angel
hovering near your neck
It's not going to bite just yet